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All of RetailTrack's programs are customized to our clients needs.  From the criteria selected, to the report form, to the format we report to you in, RetailTrack will ensure you get exactly what works best for you.  Here are some of the more common programs we conduct:

Performance Evaluation Programs
Performance Evaluation Programs are designed to evaluate those things which you believe contribute most to the success of your business. We can provide a general overview of customer care levels, selling skill levels, location maintenance and operations. We can look at specific performance areas, such as how well employees are executing particular elements of a training program, how well new initiatives are being implemented, and to what degree individuals are using proscribed language skills.

RetailTrack works with you to determine the criteria which will provide you with the most valuable information, and shopping methodology which will achieve the most accurate results. We will establish a numerical scoring system, to help quantify the experiences, and enable performance comparisons.  This will be supported by an extensive narrative by the shoppers.

Performance Tracking Programs
RetailTrack Performance Tracking is invaluable in establishing performance trends, regional differences, as well as providing a solid foundation for performance-driven incentive programs.  You can cross-index RetailTrack data with sales data to help identify reasons for sales increases or decreases.  It can help identify employees who are contributing a lot to your business, as well as those who are not living up to your expectations.

Included in RetailTrack performance tracking programs will be an in-depth analysis of each sweep as well as ongoing performance trends.  The reports you receive will be tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are tracking weekly, monthly or quarterly, RetailTrack will do whatever it takes to bring you the greatest value from your mystery shopping.

Competitive Evaluation Programs
RetailTrack can shop your competition, and provide you with valuable information on competitor performance, practices and pricing.  If you combine a shop of your stores with a shop of your competitors', RetailTrack can develop a report which will help you compare relative performance, with an analysis and recommendations on areas which would be most beneficial for you to focus on.

Special Requirements
RetailTrack has a large, comprehensive network of shoppers who are available throughout North America.  If you have a special, non-mystery shopping project that requires the use of such a network, let us know.  We can work with you to set up traffic counts, exit surveys, incentive programs or other programs.

To Find out More
To inquire about a customized, world-class RetailTrack Mystery shopping program for your company, contact us at:

 1 (800) 576-6860



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